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We Don't Judge Books By Their Covers...

We never judge books by their covers... because every page has it's own unique part of a story to tell... Past 'N' Curious isn't a club, our foundation is to provide a site to support a community. A place where any passionate likeminded individual can come and go as they please.

People often ask " What IS Past N' Curious? " So, here is our answer....

Our Mission is to provide a group based focal point where classic vehicle owners and enthusiasts can come together with equality. Our Non Profit events will always promote a safe and fun environment that is free of harassment, discrimination, or any behaviour that interferes with a chilled but exciting experience. We will always encourage like-minded people regardless of ethnicity, age or social background to join us, share our hobby and feed their passion.

Our Vision is to be the preferred Pre-1990 Classic Vehicle Group in the U.K. and extend our friendship globally with our foundations built on fun, members experience and our groups combined shared passion. We will promote our ‘pastNcurious chilled vibe’ culture into one we can all be proud of so we may all enjoy our hobby with like-minded individuals who want to join us because of our solid and welcoming environment.

Our Ethos is ‘Community Not Competition’. It’s not about being better, it’s what makes ‘pastNcurious’ refreshingly different. It’s how we work closely with both local and national businesses to support our members, communities and run our group functions. It’s how we build and maintain solid relationships amongst all our members and friends worldwide by communication and encouraging participation at our events. It’s how we spread awareness through social media, word of mouth recommendation and by always extending our friendship to support other groups, clubs, their members and their events.

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“It's Not About Miles Per Gallon - It’s About Smiles Per Gallon”

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